Guild Wars 2 gameplay: “So sexy it hurts”

After Guild Wars’ sixth annual Dragon Festival, I discovered a video to keep myself stoked for Guild Wars 2 (concept art can only hold me over for so long).

The video features “dungeon action” and shows off the game’s new professions: guardian, engineer and thief.

Of course, being a video from YouTube, I got sucked into the suggested videos where I found these:

IGN: Guild Wars 2: Thief – Guns Gameplay

IGN: Guild Wars 2: Thief – Swords Gameplay

Um… drool. I don’t know how the what it took me four months to see this. Since the thief was announced, a few of my guildmates were a bit wary of the guns. They look weak in the video, which makes me wonder if it’s even worth being a thief dual-wielding pistols when you could have a sword and a pistol or daggers or –even better– be an engineer with a rifle.

In other news, the interface looks so sexy it hurts. It looks so much less chunky and 10 skill slots? Brilliant.

Sure, maybe I am just a fangirl, but I believe Guild Wars 2 is definitely Game of the Year potential.


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