Nerdery in Brief: 10/11/11

In today’s news…
  • Season 5 of The Guild wrapped up with today and can anyone say, “Cliffhanger’d?”  [my bad]
  • Meanwhile, Felicia Day’s new webseries Dragon Age: Redemption premiered and I loveeee it. Just when I thought Felicia Day couldn’t be more awesome, she pops up as a badass elf assassin and makes me want to play Dragon Age!

    Felicia Day as Tallis in 'Dragon Age: Redemption'

  • The full Avengers trailer also came out today, so watch it now and get hyped about May 4, 2012. It ultimately says one thing:

... or Jossome

In not-so-recent news…

  • X-Men: Destiny came out on Sept. 27 and playing it was a bit like X-Men Origins: Wolverine — disappointing. I recommend at least renting it.
  • Spider-Man: Edge of Time was released on Oct. 4 and my only major complaint is the inability to skip certain cut scenes and dialogue. I have the tendency to die a lot, so not being able to skip those gets a little annoying when I can begin to quote along with Miguel and Spidey.
For more on X-Men: Destiny, come back later this week!

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